A Video Story: the San Clemente Beach Trail

This is San Clemente Beach.

Sunset at San Clemente T-Street by Rys Photostream.  

With sunsets like this, it's easy to see why 2.2 million people access San Clemente beaches annually.

Unfortunately, a rail corridor blocks access to these pristine beaches with more than 50 trains passing through the corridor each day. 

This is how the City of San Clemente solved their access problems: the San Clemente Beach Trail.

San Clemente Pier from Linda Lane by Terry.Tyson.

One more example of how rails-with-trails are safe, provide access and act as corridors to the places people want to go.

Why wouldn't this work in your town?

For a map of the rail-trail as well as all the other great trails in San Clemente click here.