Group Forges RWT Agreement on PA's Montour Trail

Photo Courtesy onyxlee

Pennsylvania's  Montour Trail Council announced that it has reached an agreement with MarkWest Energy Partners, of Denver, Colorado, to build a three-mile rail-with-trail along the former Westland Branch of the Montour Railroad in Cecil, Mt. Pleasant, and Chartiers townships, Washington County, Pennsylvania.

The Montour Trail is a multi-use non-motorized recreational rail-trail near Pittsburgh, PA that will ultimately extend 46 miles from Moon Township near Coraopolis to Clairton. Currently, multiple sections of the trail totaling over 40 miles are already completed.

According to a Pittsburgh Post Observer article, MarkWest will lease the corridor from the Montour Trail Council.

Ned Williams, president of the MTC, said that the 30-year lease agreement with MarkWest will bring major financial and recreational benefits.

“Not only will MarkWest’s participation develop this recreational branch trail sooner than we could have done,” Williams explained, “but the company’s lease payments will help us cover the trail’s ever-increasing operating and maintenance costs. Even more important to the region, we see the proposed rail development as a good thing for our neighboring communities, since rail transport is so much safer than having many extra tank trucks on our local roads.”

For more information, visit the MTC website:

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MTC sold us out.I promise you this will have devasting effects for trail users.They are cutting plants that have been struggling to grow in coaled areas along the trail over 15 yrs(its not just "brush") They are widening it so much you can fit 3 tractor trailers though it and sun beats down on you all day.they do it cause they have nothing to do in their pathetic lives.
this trail is nothing but trouble for the landowners. if you wann walk go to the park. this was once a peacefull place know there is nothing but noise. once this is put in the is going to no privacy. people r walking behind your house, or getting off the trail onto your property! trash many others i am 100% against this trail!
nothing but trouble.... except for all the people who are gamefully employed thanks to the trail...
id rather see them get paid just to put the railroad in.
"The trail brought this town back to life." Read more: Funny how the locals always predict the sky will fall and instead the sun ends up shining when these trails are completed.
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